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Dr Sara Hall
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High quality, confidential, psychological support for:

      Life Transitions                                    Health Issues
              - Child and Family                                                           - Serious illness eg cancer
                  - Relationships                                                                - Long-term ill-health eg heart disease
                  - Career changes, work-life balance                              - Womens health / gynaecology
                  - Bereavement

Specialist Areas of Interest
              - Pregnancy, childbirth and infancy                                - Stress at Work
                 - Coaching for personal development                            - Post-viral & Chronic fatigue/ME


Professional Background

Dr Sara Hall is a highly qualified experienced psychologist:
    - Elected Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) in 2002
    - More than 10 years clinical experience gained in the National Health Service (NHS)
    - Chartered Clinical Psychologist with an extensive training in a variety of methods used in counselling                    and psychotherapy, across various settings including GP surgeries
    - Chartered Health Psychologist with NHS hospital experience supporting individuals with health-related                problems and NHS staff experiencing stress at work
    - Ph.D. in Health Psychology on behavioural effects of viral illness and chronic fatigue
    - Clinical Psychology Doctorate focused on stress in professionals as a result of career changes
    - Founder Member of BPS Special Group on Perinatal Psychology covering pregnancy, birth and child and              family issues
    - Founder Member of BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology, encouraging people to make positive               changes to improve health, happiness and well-being
    - Trained in Cognitive Neuropsychology at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
    - Oxford University graduate in Natural Science 
    - Academic publications in the areas of stress and cognitive performance

Sara Hall MA (Oxon) MSc (Sussex) PhD (Cardiff) ClinPsyD (Bham) CPsychol AFBPsS


Dr Sara Hall is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, skilled in helping people deal with situations in their lives which cause them concern.  As a Coaching Psychologist Sara recognises the importance of identifying an individual's strengths to help them overcome difficulties and make positive changes to enhance their well-being.

Support is tailored to the individual and their specific circumstances:

    - Integrative approach blending a number of psychological models including
            Cognitive-Behavioural (exploring thoughts and feelings, and how these are linked to actions)
            Systemic thinking (how family, friends, colleagues and community may influence our well-being)
            Psychodynamic ideas (
understanding the basis of emotions by exploring underlying motives & needs)
    - Person-centred style,
working in collaboration with the client.
    - Focusing on individual strengths to help address causes of distress and concern
    - C
aring, compassionate, confidential and non-judgmental.

Chartered Psychologists are registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).   They are bound by the BPS code of ethics and conduct which covers privacy and confidentiality, standards of competence, professional responsibility and integrity.

Psychologists differ from psychiatrists, who are medically trained and usually take responsibility for people with severe problems, generally treating with drugs rather than psychotherapy.
 Consultation Process
In straightforward terms the type of counselling offered aims to help you make sense of what has happened to you and express your feelings about these events.  You may then feel ready to make plans or to think about how you will manage the situation in the future.

The first appointment session is mainly concerned with understanding the reasons for seeking support. The client's view of their circumstances, history, family, social support and current emotional state are all discussed in the first session to provide a background for the consultation.  The client also has the opportunity to assess whether they feel the approach is suited to them.

An appointment session usually lasts one hour and is charged by the hour.  It is recommended that sessions are arranged at fortnightly intervals. Sometimes it may help to have more frequent or less frequent appointments and this can be discussed in the first session.  There is no fixed number of sessions recommended as each client will have different requirements.  
Progress is reviewed on a continual basis and appointments are arranged based on client need.  For information, some practitioners recommend a minimum of six counselling sessions to make recognisable improvements.  

On occasion it may be appropriate for partners or family members to attend the sessions together if the client wishes.  These appointments usually last for one and a half hours.


To make an appointment or for more information contact:

Dr Sara Hall       Tel: 01295 670484        Email:

Private, peaceful location with parking near Banbury,
easily accessible from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Oxford and the M40.